Welcome artists

We are always looking for new artists to add to our collection. This will not only help you but also the charities that are awaiting a design. 

You can start by making a regular account, when you are verified and accepted as our artists this will be changed into a creator space. 

For starting I’d like to say thank you for showing interest in becoming one of our artists. Together we can make a difference. To become one of our artists you first of all need a design of your own. You  have your design ready? Great we can start now.

The details

To begin with a collaboration you should know what you’re starting with. So let me explain. The idea behind becoming one of our artists is so that you can put your art work out there. Of course you will be payed to do this. For every sale you will get a compensation. Like all other designs, your design will only be sold a maximum of a 1000 times. In other words, your work will also be a limited edition design. You can apply with more than one design. However we do need to approve the designs. This to make sure it is an original piece made by you and in addition following guidelines. In conclusion you will be paid for designing but above all you will help charities all around the world. How great is that!

How can we begin?

To start your journey of being a professional, you first need to fill in the form down below. In this form you will need to provide us with some personal information. This information won’t be used for publicity perposes or shared with a third party. Our privacy policy can be found here. In order to pay you the compensation we do need you bank information. It would also be nice if you would like to write a little piece about who you are and why you design. Don’t forget we need your design to. With all this information we can create your profile. It’s a little piece about who you are and your designs. Your design will be added to the shop and your profile. After that you are ready to go!