Shipping products is a very commen thing in the present. This hasn’t always been possible. We can send somethingto the otherside of the world. Every product you buy we will carefully package and ship to your chosen destenation. Here we will enlist the informtion needed.


The delivery time for shipping products in the Netherlands and Belgium are around two weeks. The product will be made per order and contain a certificate. You will recieve the certificate with the following information on it: The kind of product and the production number.
You will recieve a track and trace code upon ordering. With this you can follow your order.

  • Netherlands €2,50
  • Europe €4,00
  • Worldwide €5,00
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 Returning or trading your product?

Your product is custom made for you. Your products get their own production number. You can retun the product when there is a serious manufacture flaw. For this you can send us a meassage through the contact form. For more information you can look at our cooling-off rights.

I passed on the wrong delivery adress!

Excidentily passed on the wrong delivery adress? contact us as soon as possible we will. We will try to change the order for you.