We sell Clothing with unique and limited designs. You will start by picking your favorite design and after that you choose the clothing item you would like it on.

For us the design is the most important part. The clothing item you put the design on should compliment the design. Not the other way around. We are very proud of the designs we make and have to offer to you, therefore we hope you will show us the same love for the items you will recieve. 

How to order in 6 easy steps

Step 1: Pic the design that calls your name.

Step 2: Choose the clothing item in the correct size and colour you’d like to recieve the design on.

Step 3: Where possible, adjust the design to your wishes.

Step 4: Order the item and sit at the mailbox waiting for the deliveryguy.

Step 5: Show off your new asset.

Secret step 6: Leave a review on the website.  

Printed a unique award for a communion

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