Welcome to charities,

On this page we will describe, show and explain, certain charities that we choose or that choose us to work with. 


Supporting charities  is a big part of our life. In other words by helping the ones that can’t help themselves we can make the world a better place. In order to help those charities we have created a system involving our designs. We will link every design made without a specific purpose to one charity. Every design will have a maximum of a 1000 sales. In other words, everything we sell is limited edition. We can sustain charities all around the world by donating per sale.


How do you choose the charities?

You can sign in your own charity or your favourite charity in the form down below. In this form you will state some info about the charity. Tell us what you would like to do.

Firstly, are you not personally connected to the charity? You can choose one of the open designs to assign the charity to. 

Secondly, are you personally connected to the charity? You can also choose to send in your own design or design idea. 

After that we will review the idea and/ or design and contact the charity. As soon as it is sorted out and we have approved the design idea or the submitted design we will upload it to the site. In other words, the sale can begin!


About the charities.

Once a charity is assigned to one or more designs we will contact them. They will be asked if they would like to write a blog. This way these charities get a chance to tell the world about their cause. Therefore possibly improving sales. The charities will get their own page that can be customised. The charity can be assigned to more than one design however each design can only have one charity. The donations will be made yearly. In  correlation to the sales the charities had. 


What if the design has been sold a 1000 times?

When a design has a 1000 sales it will be taken out of the store. However this  doesn’t mean it will never return. In other words the design isn’t for sale for a while. The charity that has a soon to be sold out design has an option to be notified as a result they may choose to take on a new design or quit the collaboration. However the charity  will remain on the website. 

The design you assigned to a charity has been sold out? You will receive a small gift to thank you for your commitment in making the world a better place. 

We can change the world design by design!